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Frontiersman Luke Cutter was furious that pretty Maura Magruder had come as far west as Nebraska. The trail-roughened guide knew that the uncouth trappers and Indians wouldn't see her as a scholarly anthropologist interested in the Pawnee way of life. All they would see was a blonde and sexy dame looking for adventure. To scare her back East, Luke rudely embraced her and kisses her insultingly. But instead of wanting to chase her away, the arrogant cowboy prayed she'd stay and learn a few facts of life from him!

Stubborn Marua Magruder refused to hear a word that backwoods brute had to say about the wilderness being no place for a lady. She'd studied primitive people before and she had her heart set on being the first anthropologist ever to study the Pawnee. But when he rescued her twice, the defenseless beauty saw Luke Cutter as a man for the first time. And when he thoroughly kissed her and took her breath away, Maura knew she could never live without his everlasting love.


* Ships as pictured

Nebraska Embrace by Katherine Kingaid

  • Historical Romance, Enemies to Lovers-ish, Western Romance

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