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One man. One woman One unforgettable night.

In the second thrilling book of her magnificent McClellan trilogy,
award-winning author Jo Goodman spins an exciting tale of
passion, daring, and revenge that sweeps from the war-torn
Colonies to the elegant drawing rooms of England...

Bold and beautiful Rae McClellan eagerly seizes a chance to be a courier for the Colonies, never anticipating her midnight excursion to a local tavern would lead to murder—and brand her a wanted woman. Saved from an angry mob of Redcoats by a powerful stranger, she is swept up into a tempestuous adventure that will become a battle for her country, her family...and her heart.

Jericho Smith curses the moment he became enraptured by the confounding Rae McClellan--and the feverish desire she arouses in him. Jericho was one of the Continental army's most able spies... until Rae makes him want things he never dared desire before, like the love of this spirited woman and a lost legacy that awaits back in England. Yet even as Jericho and Rae surrender to an undeniable passion, a dangerous foe reaches out across the Atlantic, luring them both into a perilous gambit for their lives--and their love.


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Seaswept Abandon by Jo Goodman

  • Historical Romance, American Romance, Wartime Romance, Savior, Adventure

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