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As a popular wedding cake baker in her hometown of New River, Sabrina Moss spends her days giving everybody perfect happily ever afters, even though happily ever afters seem to be for everybody but her. She's spent the past several years building her business while reeling from the breakup from her longtime love Ben Sadler. And when the news breaks that he's engaged, she finds herself questioning all the choices she's made in the past and all the things she let get away.


After years away from New River, Gray Forrester is back to care for his grandfather. His childhood was rocky, moving from state to state, so he finds himself looking forward to settling down and finding some stability.


When a chance encounter between Sabrina and Gray at the local coffee shop leads to an unexpected friendship, Sabrina decides it might be time to open herself up again. But their budding friendship almost ends before it even begins when she discovers that not only does Gray know Ben, he's set to be his groomsman. And when the friendship starts to veer into more-than-friends territory, they both struggle with the emerging feelings.


When the past meddles its way in and threatens to ruin everything, Sabrina and Gray must navigate the messy waters of past and present and decide what is worth fighting for to get to the happily ever after they've both been looking for.


Taking the Cake is a dual POV contemporary romance about the difficult aftermath of a long relationship, the struggle for self-worth, and who we create our successes for.




Taking the Cake by Natalia Williams

  • Strangers to Friends to Lovers, Small Town (ish), Characters in their 30s, Dual POV

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