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In a strange exotic land, she was a prisoner of passion...


Beautiful and boldly defiant, Lady Victoria sailed away from England to escape an obligation of marriage. Then, the unthinkable happened. Her ship was captured by Barbary pirates who abducted young women to sell into slavery. Now, Tory's shattered destiny lay in the hands of dangerous men...


Capt. Sinan Reis, a dashing young pirate known as the Hawk, who would shun a vast profit... to claim the English beauty for himself.


The evil Ahmet, a Turkish rogue who lusted for vengeance... by defying the Hawk and stealing his precious lady.


The aging dey, chief of Algiers, who held the power to possess, or destroy, them all.


Tory's heart was imprisoned by fate. And yet, her secret passion for her pirate captor - the handsome and strong-willed Hawk-bound her soul with a chain of desire. Together, on an odyssey of exotic peril and forbidden pleasure, they would challenge an empire... and risk their lives for love!


* Ships as pictured

The Hawk's Lady by Colleen Shannon

  • Historical Romance, Pirates, Prisoner/Captor, Adventure

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