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Romance with a mystery about a young American orphan, Isabel, who travels to France to find her birth Father.

This is no easy task, having never been acknowledged by her father, and her mother declining to name him. The only clue our heroine has, is her mother's postcard of his home, the Chateau Ferrancolles.
She travels to the Chateau under false pretenses. There her undeniable family resemblence causes some slight consternation amongst her shocked, suspicious relatives.

Isabel, longing for a father and a family, does her best with these cold, uninterested relatives and her supposed, newfound, distant father.

There are dark family secrets, nefarious relatives, cases of mistaken identity and finally a loving relationship for the heroine.


* Ships as pictured

To The Castle by Dorothea Malm

  • Gothic Romance, Mystery, France

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