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Is the vampire in Ophelia’s cellar a man she can save, or a monster out for blood?


From an early age, Ophelia learned to keep her pets away from her unfeeling scientist father or they would disappear into his laboratory, never to be seen again. When her father unexpectedly returns to their isolated Yorkshire estate with a mysterious box, Ophelia’s suspicions are aroused…but nothing prepares her for the bloody business she finds.


Caged in silver and hungry, Salem is out for blood. Someone has betrayed knowledge of vampire existence to humans—but before Salem can discover who, he must escape diabolical experiments seeking the source of immortality. He cannot afford to trust the frustratingly intriguing girl who says she wants to help and smells of orange blossoms. He especially cannot wonder how she would taste.


Even though the darkly mysterious Salem insists he has no soul, that he’s dangerous, Ophelia can’t leave him to be tortured. But to help him escape, she must risk her family’s wrath—which may be a bigger threat than the monster in the cell.


The supernatural bleeds into Victorian England in this captivating YA gothic paranormal romance novel, perfect for fans of Down Comes the Night, Lakesedge, Erin A. Craig, and anyone who longs to run across a dark windswept moor in a nightgown.




Black and Deep Desires by Claire Trella Hill

  • Gothic, Vampires, Touch Her and Die, Spooky Houses, Victorian Era, Mad Scientists, Love BITES, Family Secrets, Do Monsters Have Souls, the Mystery of Grace

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