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The year is 1985, and eighteen-year-old Jade Whitney is about to discover her family holds a secret that will change her life forever. Jade moves into her family's grand, gilded mansion with her Great Aunt Ruth, where she begins to uncover the scandalous history of her affluent ancestors. As she adjusts to her new life and a new private school, Jade struggles to navigate the social hierarchy that divides her friends, The Misfits, from the popular crowd of jocks and cheerleaders. When she meets the charming rugby captain, Bradley Phillips, she experiences falling in love for the first time-or so she thinks.


When Jade finds a cursed locket connected to a ghost named William, her life turns in an unexpected direction. While aiding Will in his quest to cross into the afterlife, Jade discovers a deep connection between them that goes far beyond what she could ever imagine.


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Grove Hollow: Metamorphosis by Shelby Nicole McFadden (Paperback)

  • American Romance, Dark Academia, Fated Mates, Mystery, Murder, Secrets, Ancient Egyptian Magic, Paranormal Romance, New Adult, Sex, Drugs, Partying, Gothic Romance, Gilded Age, MMC is a ghost

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