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Defender of justice...

It was hard enough for Eleanor Hunt to get men to take her seriously in sophisticated Chicago--it was going to be impossible in Blissful, Kansas! These cowboys couldn't believe she was a real attorney, here to try a cattle rustling case. They just looked her up and down and grinned. Especially that Bradley Smith. The man worked for her father and he still had the audacity to stare at her with those lust-filled green eyes. Every time she turned around, he was trying to trap her in his strong embrace. Worst of all, she was starting to enjoy it! Eleanor knew better than to mistake passion for love...but this man made her yearn for both!

Pursuer of passion...

Bradley Smith never met a woman who took herself as seriously as Miss Eleanor Hunt. Her beautiful blue eyes shone with determination; her delicious red lips were set in a no-nonsense frown; her ever-so-proper clothing tamed her luscious curves like fashionable armor. But underneath it all was a vibrant, desireable woman and Bradley was looking forward to discover--and uncovering--her. He would worship every inch of her delectable flesh, feel those war lips surrendering to his own, and see her eyes soften with the seductive glow of sweet, wild love.


* Ships as pictured

Sweet, Wild Love by Emma Merritt

  • Historical Romance, American Romance, Cowboys, He Falls First, Afraid to Love, Attorney Female Character

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